Dec 19 2014

Google Sniper 3.0 Released!

Google Sniper 3.0 has been released and it is the best online money-making and training system available.  Go Here to get it now!

Google Sniper 3.0


Oct 26 2012

A Google Sniper Review

Best Website MarketingGoogle Sniper is an outstanding product.  If you are wondering how to make extra money from home then Google Sniper 2.0 is the product for you.  I have found it to be a very effective way to make extra money from home.  Of course your results may vary from mine.  But the best Google Sniper Review that I can give you is that you will have positive results with this product.  Google Sniper has been on the market for about a year so there is not as much hype about it as there was in the past, but that may be a good thing for you as it is still a method that works.

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The best thing about Google Sniper 2.0 is that it is an easy system to follow.  It does not assume that you have special technical skills.  Moreover, it provides step-by-step instructions.  I do not think you will find a simpler system to carry out.

Best Website Marketing

Google Sniper is also ingenious.  The basic idea of Google Sniper is to create simple small niche websites in a way that gets them to the top of the search engines with little or no backlinks at all.  Its okay if you do not know what all that means as the Google Sniper system will teach you.  What you need to know is that the amount of work you need to put into to a Google Sniper website is a fraction of what is required with other approaches.  Then you simply rinse and repeat.  Perhaps not every Google Sniper site will make money, but most will.   Perhaps none of them will individually make big money.  But if you keep adding to your empire, it could result in a significant income.  I have purchased and reviewed lots of internet money making products and this one is at the top of my list.  I think it is the best website marketing system available.

Google Sniper 2.0 Over-Delivers

Google Sniper ReviewsI have purchased many products (and even if they contained some good ides) my immediate reaction upon entering the members area was, that’s it?  I paid how much for this?  Google Sniper is different, in fact I find that it over-delivers.  I really can’t believe how much value you get for the purchase price.  The members area includes all the details that even a beginning would need to operate this system.  Those details come in the form of both extensive written documents and many video.  Quite franks for the price that would have been adequate, but Google Sniper is just getting started.  There is a whole “Further Training” section to help you once you have the system down to take your sniping to the next level.  Then there is a whole section called the “Empire Module” which teaches you exactly how to to take your sniping to an unimaginable level.  Then there is the Sniper X section which at the time of this writing has 21 videos (and they keep adding more) which introduces you to newly discovered methods that can add to your profitability.  But the value doesn’t stop there as there as regular live “Q and A” sessions are held that you can participate in.  Plus all of the past Q and A sessions are available on video.  I have never encountered a product that provides this much value to members.

Free To Operate

I might add that there is a slight exaggeration in Google Sniper’s claim that is is free to operate.  Nevertheless, compared to other systems that require huge advertizing expenditures, it is almost free.  The only costs I have encountered in my sniping is that you need a hosting account and you must purchase a domain for each of your sniper sites.  There are more details about this issue in my last post called Best Website Marketing.

How to Make Money Fast

Best Website MarketingGoogle Sniper claims that you can set up the system in two hours.  This would also be one of my points of criticism of the product.  No doubt creator George Brown can set up a sniper site in two hours, but I cannot.  Probably, I am much too slow and careful in writing my posts, creating my YouTube video and doing other tasks, but it take me longer than two hours to create a sniper site.  Quite frankly, more like most of a day.  Now in addition to my sniper sites, I run a lot of other websites.  And compared to those other websites, sniper sites are very fast.  Just not quite fast as the product claims.  Another important time consideration is that sniper sites once created take very little work.  My other sites all take tons of further time.  Some of the advanced sniper techniques will have you returning to your sniper sites if you want to ramp things up, but in it is also fine to just leave them once they are created.  Other systems require huge time comments writing and submitting articles, Tweeting, promoting on FaceBook and begging for backlinks.  Sniping requires none of this.  Instead you are free to make more sniper sites in search of even more income.

If you really want to make extra money from home, I think Google Sniper is the best investment you could make.

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This has been a Google Sniper Review!

May 25 2012

Best Website Marketing

I have created a YouTube video about Google Sniper 2.0.  Check it out at:

What is Google Sniper 2.0?

I hope you liked it.

Make Extra Money from Home

Google Sniper ReviewsI suspect if you are reading this blog, it is because who have tried for some time to make money online.  If your journey is anything like mine, you have purchased and tried product after product with the result being that you are only further in the hole and still not making money online.  That is one of the things that you will find out is different when it comes to Google Sniper 2.0.  While I can’t 100% guarantee that you will have good results.  I can tell you that George Brown (the creator) has gotten rich through the method.  I can also tell you that I have done well with the system.  So I am convinced that you will have good results using Google Sniper 2.0.  Now it will still require some things from you.  First of all, you will have to follow the system exactly as it tells you (its not hard).  Unfortunately, I do find that many people fail at systems because they do not actually follow the directions.  Second, you will have to do some work.  In fact the more work you do, the more success you will have using Google Sniper 2.0.  To make good money, Google Sniper 2.0 requires that you make a slew of sniper websites.  George Brown, in one of the sniper videos, reveals that he has more 50 of them.

Easy Ways to Make Money

We isn’t that what we are all looking for–easy ways to make money.  You will find Google Sniper pretty darn easy to use.  I suppose if you are a technophobe you might have some difficulty.  But otherwise you should be fine.  The product provides step-by-step instructions and a complete training system that includes both the written word and videos.  If you have not tried these things before–like setting up a website, it will require you to do some new things.  But it does not assume that you have had any previous technical experience.  I really think that anyone can do this system.

Best Website Marketing

One of the problems with many systems is that they are expensive to operate.  You pay for the product but your shelling out of cash has just begun.  With product in hand, you then have to buy expensive adverting campaigns.  I know that those systems claim you can do so inexpensively but that has not been my experience.  I am sure some people make money with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, but I have pretty well lost my shorts.  How about you?

One of the best things about Google Sniper 2.0 is that it is pretty close to free to operate.  The only expenses that I have encountered is that you will need a hosting company.  If like me, you are already involved in internet marketing you probably already have one.  But if you are new, I would suggest MyHostingCompany.  They have plans as inexpensive as $4.95 a month that will get you started. That leads to one other expense in being a sniper, you will have purchase a domain for each of your sites.  Those will cost you under$15 each.  That’s it.  With other systems I have had to spend hundreds a month on advertizing and I usually lost most of that because I didn’t get results.  My experience is that sniper sites work at at the low cost of a yearly domain fee and the fraction (divided across all my websites) of the monthly hosting fee.

Well that are lots more things I like about Google Sniper 2.0 (and a few things I don’t) but those will come in my central Google Sniper review which will be my next post.


May 23 2012

Make Extra Money Home

Best Website MarketingI suspect that most of us tried internet marketing because we wanted to make extra money from home.  I hope that no one went out and quit their job just to give internet marketing a try.  Perhaps quitting your current job is your ultimate goal, but it should never be your first step.  Start doing internet marking part-time in your spare time.  Then when you start to make money you can decide to scale it up your internet marketing and scale back your current employment and perhaps eventually quite your job completely.  However, I would suggest that you never make such a step quickly or lightly.

How to Make Extra Income From Home?

The best tool to make extra money at home is Google Sniper 2.0.  I know, you are still asking the question, what is Google Sniper?  Well, I promise I will get to my Google Sniper reviews in future posts.  Today, I want to introduce you to the creator of Google Sniper 2.0.

Meet George Brown

Best Website MarketingThe creator of Google Sniper 2.0 is George Brown.  I have to admit when I logged into my Google Sniper members area for the first time and the first video with George Brown began to play, my first thought was “this kid is going to teach me something?”  (As best I can determine he is about 21 years of age.)   After all, I have been doing internet marketing for quite some time, though for much of that time not very successfully.

Well I have had to eat crow related to my first reaction to George Brown.  He has taught me a lot.  In fact (and here is a Google Sniper review), I have found Google Sniper 2.0 to be the most important tool in my internet marketing toolkit as I make extra money from home.

Make Extra Money from Home!

The way to do that is to meet George Brown.  He is one of the youngest online self-made millionaires.  He is an avid surfer who manages his internet company while traveling the world.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it.  Well, I wouldn’t put your yacht order in quite yet.  But I do think Google Sniper 2.0 will allow you to make money online for the first time and over time you can continue to ramp up that income.

George is from the United Kingdom but I do not know about his education.  Kind of sad I have a Ph.D. and he is the one doing the global jet-setting.  I wonder if he even finished secondary school, because I do know that when George begin his internet work he was a furniture mover.  Can you imagine going from that back-breaking work to globe-trotter in a few years?

George started in internet marketing (no doubt motivated by trying to escape his furniture moving job) in 2008 when he was just 17.  As you know, most internet marketers fail, yet he was a great success as an affiliate marketer making thousands of dollars.  He developed and perfected his own system and was making upwards of $10,000 – $15,000 per month.  He obviously figured out some things that others seem to never grasp and so he began to make his own products to share his knowledge with others wondering how to make money from home.

What is Google Sniper 2.0?

George Brown has  several products, but the most important is Google Sniper which catapulted him to a 7 figure income.  Google Sniper was introduced in 2009 as a system to rank simple one page niche websites at the top of the search engines with little or no backlinks at all.  The system focused on on-page optimization to snipe ones way to the top positions for keywords that get lots of searches.

That amazing system has been update, revised, expanded and re-released as Google Sniper 2.0 in 2011.  Well that is George and I recommend his Google Sniper 2.o to you.  More Google Sniper review details to come in future posts.


May 21 2012

What is Google Sniper and Why Should You Care?

How to make extra money from home.No doubt you are here because you want to make money on the internet and I suspect that you are wondering what is Google Sniper?  I can hear the question in your head, “Will it be different than all the other programs that I have shelled out more money than I dare even count?”  I know I have ask that question about many programs that were suppose to make me money online.

Have You Failed at Internet Marketing?

I first turned to internet marketing at a time when I was in serious financial shape.  I had hoped that I could make extra money from home.  I suspect that you can relate to my story.  I was deceived, lied to and scammed repeatedly.  At the time that I most needed more money, I instead lost money.  In fact not just a little money but a lot of it as I went from one program to the next becoming ever more desperate to find something that worked now just to make up all the money I had lost.

The internet marketing scenes is strewn with the carcasses of those who have tired and lost.  You can’t tell from the hype of products which ones will work and which ones will not.  The reality is that even good products are promoted with such hype that they simply blend in with the crap.  They seem to all claim that you can get rich quick.  The truth is, of course, that is always utter bunk.  It is simply a scheme for you to put down more money chasing the illusive dream.

Do You Want to Know How to Make Extra Money From Home?

You are still here.  You must still want to know how to make extra money at home.  The “extra” being the key.  I suspect that you have given up the dream of a full-time income and just want to supplement your income or even just make back some of what you have poured down the drain.

Moreover, I am still here as well.  Into this cesspool of failure, I want you to know that it can be done.  I have been doing internet marketing for nearly 10 years.  As you can tell from above much of that history has not been positive.  However, I have learned a lot along the way.  You can learn from my experience and avoid some of my mistakes.  And I can now say that I am doing alright.  I am not rich, jet-setting around the world and only working 2 hours a week.  Instead, I work pretty long hours; though I do have great flexibility in my schedule and when I want to do something, I can.  I also recently moved from part-time to full-time internet marketer, so I am here to tell you it can be done.

So What is Google Sniper?

Well, I have found it to be one of the best tools in my arsenal.  It teaches you some of the best website marketing methods around.  So on this website you will find Google Sniper reviews that I think you will find informative and useful.  It is possible to have your own profitable and legitimate home business. You can make money online.

I hope you will read the other posts on this site as you will find my Google Sniper reviews contained within them.

To all of our success!


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